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Canine Corner

No matter how bad a day we’ve had, they’re happy to see us. Their big beautiful eyes are irresistible, causing us to cave in to their every desire. If they’re in distress, so are we. No, we’re not talking about our kids (when are they going off to college, anyway?); we’re talking about Fido, and Muffy, and Rover. Our loyal canines. And so while we at Zaretsky and Associates recognize that our clients are the reason we’re in business, we really come back just so that we can pet their dogs. That having been said, meet a few of our favorite canine friends. If we’ve missed yours, feel free to send us a photo and we’ll put them in our Canine Corner. And while you’re at it, please help support Nellie and Ripley’s alma mater, Lollypop Farm, online right here, right now: www.Lollypop.org